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Gavin Bottrell Welcome! My name is Gavin Bottrell and I live in Warwickshire, England. I have been a collector and trader of antique golf clubs, antique golf balls and related items since 1995. This website is dedicated to something I've developed an interest in over the years; feathery golf balls.

Nobody knows for sure when feather-filled balls started being used for playing golf but laws were passed in Scotland as early as the 16th century protecting the trade of some ball makers. It is possible that feathery golf balls were used for play from the earliest written records of golf which date to 1457.

So what is a feathery golf ball?

They are balls made from pieces of animal hide sewn together and stuffed with feathers. An apprentice would be bonded to a master-craftsman for up to seven years whilst they learnt how to make them and perfected their skills. Having made some replica balls I can well understand why it took so long.

It is hard to be precise but I think there are perhaps as few as five hundred genuine feathery golf balls still in existence. Most are held within major museums or serious private collections.

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